Runaway Train

Last Friday I worked late. Well, I guess not late, but later than I wanted to work. Let’s just say it was sometime well after five. Anyway, I caught an express train back to the city. It was crowded. Inexplicably, my train car smelled like urine. I mean, this isn’t the subway, where I would expect this sort of stench. This was the Metro North, the subway’s cleaner, nicer suburban counterpart. Normally, these trains are relatively clean and nice.

On this day, though: urine.

But that would really be okay. I mean, the express train from Stamford to Harlem is only 38 minutes. This day, though, the travel gods were against me.

Not ten minutes after we departed the station, heading back to glorious Manhattan, the train stopped. Not at a station.

Fine. Okay. That’ll happen. Train traffic. Probably an Amtrak messed up somewhere. Whatever.

So there I am waiting for the announcement from the conductor telling me that we’re delayed due to train traffic and will be moving shortly. Then, before any kind of information is pumped through the PA, the train starts moving.


Okay, maybe we’re backing up to a switch to get ourselves around a stopped train in front of us. That makes sense. After a few minutes of waiting, still no announcement, we start rolling forward again. It had been probably 20 minutes since we originally stopped, and while I was annoyed, we were moving in the right direction and it was the weeken… and then we stopped. Again. For another half hour.

There was never any announcement.

I guess that’s what it must be like to ride the Amtrak all the time.


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2 Comments on “Runaway Train”

  1. katie Says:

    But it did make hot, humid, smelly Manhattan seem all the more glorious when we finally reached our destination 🙂

  2. Art Says:

    i had some travel troubles too, yesterday. it took me nearly 4 hours to get from springfield to chicago (the trip usually takes me 3). but that is an upgrade from when i used to take the amtrak from springfield to chicago. on one return trip, the trip took 8 HOURS, instead of 4. yep. american public transportation works….sorta

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