What the F*CK, BP?

I mean, come on! The explosion happened on April 20. There’s still 12,000 – 20,000 barrels of oil spewing into the Gulf every day. How were you not more prepared for this?! Isn’t it your JOB to be prepared?

Aside from the outrageous damages done to the environment, it makes more sense from a business standpoint to spend a bit more money to ensure effective prevention measures than to putz around with half-witted solutions to a problem that’s (likely) going to cost well over a billion dollars.

The top-kill method didn’t work, oil is still spewing unabated, and your next best solution is to RE-TRY SOMETHING THAT DIDN’T WORK THE FIRST TIME!? When reading about the new method to put a cap on the leak, the press release sounds like they don’t think it’s going to work. Apparently the only real solution will be to drill a relief well … but that won’t be completed until August at the earliest.

I just don’t understand how this scenario wasn’t predicted and prepared for. Perhaps I just have too much faith in the private sector. Or maybe BP just needs to stop the oil leaking into the Gulf. Before August.


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3 Comments on “What the F*CK, BP?”

  1. Jan Says:

    Totally agree. BP has done a terrible job of handling/ignoring this crisis-and it is a crisis, in my opinion.
    Also, a bit disappointed in how our President is handling this. It is sadly reminiscent of the Bush administration’s mishandling of the Katrina disaster.
    I believe that Pres. Obama needs to be much more visible at the sight, being, well, Presidential, and letting the country know that this is a top priority. I sincerely hope that at least behind the scenes he is putting the arm on BP to get their act together and fix this!!!!

    • He can certainly be more visible, but i’m not really sure what all the government can do. With Katrina, at least the National Guard and FEMA have some experience with cleaning up after a destructive storm. The gov’t has no real expertise in stopping an oil leak 5,000 ft. below sea level. I think BP just has no idea what they’re doing.

  2. Jan Says:

    FEMA clearly had no idea what they were doing, either-they proved that with Katrina. I agree that BP has no idea what they’re doing, and further agree that they certainly SHOULD HAVE been better prepared for this inevitable situation. The media also needs to play a different role in this, in my opinion. I don’t think the general public understands the ramifications of this oil spill-and, unfortunately, the media is where many people get their only info. about a subject. Media can stir public outcry, which can put more pressure on BP to respond more quickly-at least that’s how it works in theory.

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