Hope!!! … and despair

Like all good Cubs fans, my favorite time of year is the off-season and April. You see, in the off-season, I KNOW in my guts that this upcoming year … this is the year we’ll finally do it. My hopes are high. The team has limitless potential. We’ve got a shot to be the first team to ever go 162-0! I think that maybe this is the year we successfully buy a championship (it would feel awesome) I have faith in our pitching. And I Love the team.

And these things stay true for the Cubbie faithful until, I dunno, let’s call it June (that’s the average for me, anyway). We can lose a couple of games in April (especially when our “ace” Big Z is pitching) and chalk it up to rustiness and gelling as a team and all that. No worries, though – there’s still plenty of season left and these Cubs have talent.

Then we actually start to play and my fears start to show with the team’s weaknesses. I get less lenient with the players. I yell much more at the tv. I stop giving them fun nicknames and instead create new insulting nicknames on a regular basis, I wear my Cubs paraphernalia with less and less gusto, etc. Again, though, this only happens once it seems like we’re shooting ourselves in the foot and playing our way out of playoff contention – usually by June.

This year, though, after an abysmal last year and not much done in the off-season except for Z and Soto losing some weight, my fears were realized on opening day with a 15-5 ass-whooping from the Braves with Zombrano giving up 8 runs in the first two innings. We have the third biggest payroll (according to CBS Sports.com) at $146,000,000 but get smoked on opening day. You know what? I’d love for the Cubs to be able to buy a championship and spend our money wisely. Instead we spent $100,000,000 on a 31 year old who still has 5 years left on his contract and can’t hit a breaking ball to save his life.  I feel like a Mets fan.

It’s ok, though, right? There’s still plenty of season left and they’ll turn it around. They’re just rusty. Trying to figure it out. Gelling as a team. And, wouldn’t you know it, these Cubs have talent. This is our year!


Go Cubs.

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4 Comments on “Hope!!! … and despair”

  1. Helen Says:

    The Yankees have the biggest payroll, and they blew a 5 run lead on Opening Day. But, I still have high hopes. The Red Sox could beat us 10 times in a row this year, and we’ll still end up world series champs. Being a Cubs fan must be hard.

  2. Jan Says:

    amen, brother, pass the oldstyle!

  3. JW Says:

    Being a Cubs fan must be like putting your dick in a pencil sharpener, and hoping every year that it won’t hurt when you crank the handle.

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