I Need Help With Something…

This was part of the pregame ceremony at the opening night baseball game.

This morning I heard this described as classless and offensive.

Now, I watched this last night and I didn’t have any problem with it. It cracks me up when kids do grown up things, but I’m starting to wonder if I’m out of touch.  Was this inappropriate?  Is it classless to have a 5 year old kid say “screw ’em” on television?  Is it wrong to have some fun at your opponents expense like that?

From what I understand this only played in the Boston area.  I didn’t see the ESPN feed, but I doubt they showed any of the pregame ceremony and I would be surprised if YES showed it.  So the only people saw this were fans of the team that this is catering to, and they were still offended.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Yankee fans thought it was stupid, but I doubt they would be offended.  So I’m confused as to why fans of this organization would be so offended by a 5 year old kid reciting a movie quote in order to fire up the fan base for the first game of the season.

Can somebody help me out here? Am I missing something? Is this out of line or is it just good fun?

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One Comment on “I Need Help With Something…”

  1. Art Says:

    who was it offensive to, 5 year olds?

    “screw em” is one of the few things we *CAN* say on tv. it’s not like the kid called them “assh*les” or said “let f*ck em” or said “those yankees players are nothing but the sh*t from a dying donkey”. I say, if it can be said on prime-time network television, then it can be said by a 5-year old kid, because chances are, if it’s on prime-time network television, then it’s already being said by 5-year old kids everywhere.

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