Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broke

Ok, NCAA. What the hell are you doing? I know you’re only in it for the money, but this is an absolutely horrible idea. For those of you that can’t figure out how to link to the article I just linked you to (try again!), the NCAA has just released potential plans to expand the men’s basketball tournament to 96 teams.

March Outrageousness

March Madness is the perfect post-season event! It’s an exciting, gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, underdog powered, Cinderella storied, tears of victory/defeat, edge-of-your-seat sports masterpiece. There is absolutely no reason (except, of course, increased revenue) to change the tournament. Know how I know this is only for the money? Student atheletes (because they’re students first, right NCAA??) will miss even more school for March Outrageousness than they already do.

96 teams?! Come on. 32 teams would get a first round bye! There’s already hugely lopsided victories in the tournament. I don’t want to see a 24 seed losing by 80 points to a 1 seed. <shakes head> I guess the idea is to swallow up the NIT and combine the two tournaments. I, for one, vote nay (as if I have a vote).

There are plenty of things the NCAA can look into changing: the bowl system, getting any women’s sports decent coverage/viewership, making sure athletes in high revenue sports actually learn things in college, showing more of the Frozen Four, etc. Why would they look to change THIS?! Boggles the mind.


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15 Comments on “Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broke”

  1. Nick Says:

    great post. 96 teams would actually be madness… I agree that they should focus on something else like to make sure these athletes can spell when they get to the NBA. If they’re not worried about their education (and theyre obviously not) just let them go right to the NBA, if theyre dumb either way why have them waste 4 vital years of their career?

    • Liked the link you sent. I agree with it. If I could have skipped college and made millions up front, I certainly would have. Then I wouldn’t be destroyed every month by student loan payments. Oh. And I would have been a professional athlete.

      And now that you bring up the NBA, THERE is a playoff system that needs overhauling. Just about every damn team in the league makes it and the postseason lasts, what, six months? Let’s fix that.

  2. Ismail Says:

    Could it have been an April Fool’s Day trick?

  3. Gloria U. Atanmo Says:

    AMEN! To everything written in this post! I couldn’t agree more. As I shook my head in disgust to sports center’s debate about it this morning, I just thought about the one motive behind all this, which is INDEED the money! Smh, for the love of money is the destruction of all things good.

    Blah, they’ll figure out after a year that it’s a bad idea and a waste of time. How bout them Lady Huskies though! Hahah 😀

  4. Art Says:

    Until the NCAA can fix the BCS system, I don’t trust it to fix the only thing they’ve done right (march madness)

    • BDT Says:

      Art – remember, the NCAA doesn’t have anything to do with the BCS. Two separate entities. Though the members of the BCS [i.e., the schools & conferences] are also members of the NCAA, the actual Association does not administer nor earn revenue from the BCS system.

      As for the expansion to 96 teams, as a fan, I agree with the post. I like it the way it is and wish it would stay that way. However, from a business decision for the NCAA, I think it makes sense. See post below for why it’s a good idea for them (and yes, most of it is about money).

  5. JW Says:

    You, of course realize this is merely about money…

  6. Robin Crain Says:

    I completely agree, this whole thing could be over by now, except of course for the money issue. It’s no fun to see any team get whooped up on like that. Teams also have to learn the value of if they do not work hard enough, they do not make it in the play-offs… This isn’t you pay you play anymore.

  7. fangming Says:

    On this matter, agreed to

  8. Michael Funk Says:

    I think maybe they system is broken. I believe that the teams should be chosen based upon the coaches attire. I wrote a somewhat funny little article about this at:

  9. Amanda Says:

    “There are plenty of things the NCAA can look into changing: the bowl system, getting any women’s sports decent coverage/viewership, making sure athletes in high revenue sports actually learn things in college.”


    Great post.

  10. JC Says:

    I also agree that 96 teams is way to much for ONE tournament but I got to say that March Madness is One good game!

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