Things I Didn’t Realize…

Today’s Item: The front of the New York Stock Exchange, so well known for the giant American flag stretched across its columns, is a viable advertising location.

I guess, though, that it’s the American way, really. I mean, the NYSE is iconic. It’s the symbol of the American finance industry (that and the Bull in the Financial District and Warren Buffett’s face). And, most importantly, it’s impartial. The American flag on the NYSE was the perfect fit.

Now, apparently, the space is up for grabs. Charles Schwab (a NYSE listed company, as the ad points out) bought up the space for a giant advertisement. This picture was taken by my sister, who was visiting New York with a friend and wanted to show off her tour guide skills. So she went to the NYSE to see the giant American flag, only to find it replaced by an ad lauding investors.

The front of the NYSE went from a giant patriotic flag, symbolising American greatness to an advertisement for some of the very people that showed America’s financial weaknesses, literally TELLING us that they “rule.” Thanks, Chuck. As if we didn’t know that already.

Maybe the ad was funded by their bonuses…


p.s. Things I Didn’t Realize might become a recurring theme on the site. Let me know what you think.

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6 Comments on “Things I Didn’t Realize…”

  1. Jackie Says:

    I like the “things I did not realize” motif… i.e. I did not realize that Hollywood could restain itself throughout an entire awards production without stuffing their opinions down our throats. It was very pleasant! But I also did not know this about the NYSE. Nor did I know the zombie hippos were a big threat until a couple of weeks ago 🙂

    • well, you’re welcome for alerting you to the threat of the zombie hippos.

      as for the Oscars, they get me every year. I never really want to watch, and then i get sucked in. I found it a bit ridiculous that they were SO strict about keeping speeches to 45 seconds, and then took 40 minutes for the last 3 awards so that we could watch actors and actresses talk about how great other actors and actresses really are. At least Avatar (as much as I thoroughly enjoyed it) didn’t win best picture…

      • Jackie Says:

        I was glad Avatar didn’t win as well. I saw Hurt Locker and didn’t think it was the Best Picture of the year, but I can live with it. I personally would have voted for Inglorious Bastards but that’s just me. Also I thought Meryl should have won over Sandra. But I did put Hurt Locker and Sandra in my Oscar pool and it won me a decent chunk of change! It’s all about the Benjamins when it comes to Hollywood!

  2. It is worth noting that I believe the American Flag on the front of the NYSE was put up as a post-9/11 memorial kind of thing. Apparently the memorial is for days when they cant make money selling the ad space.

  3. Henke Says:

    I got curious about who this ad money would go to, and I didn’t realize the NYSE was operated by a for-profit corporation called NYSE Euronext, which also operates NYSE Regulation, which is a non-profit Self-Regulatory Organization that oversees securities firms and companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. How convenient. Go capitalism!

    Also, hi Paul!

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