April Showers and All That

April showers bring May flowers, or so the adage goes. You know what March brings? SPORTS! March is the best month there is if you’re a true sports fan.

This is true for one very important reason: BASEBALL.

Yes, I know March Madness is a big deal and sure you can win some money in an office pool and brag to your buddies about picking a perfect final four and selection sunday is a lot of fun and blah blah basketball is lame.

Admittedly, March Madness is kind of awesome and I love watching it, but, on the whole, basketball is lame. Too many waek fouls and lack of defense. There’s no art to the sport anymore. That being said, March Madness is the most exciting post-season around – that and the NCAA hockey tournament.

Baseball is America’s pasttime! It may well be a perfect sport. And few things remind me so much of how great life is than the first smells of spring – the grass, the early morning dew, the dirt, the old leather of my baseball glove … <breathes deep> ahhhhhhhh

As a Cubs fan, I must admit that part of the reason I love March is because I still have hope. I still love baseball. And, dammit, THIS is the year! March doesn’t let me down. So much hope. So many dreams. So much anticipation. So much baseball layed out in the glory of summer before me.

It’s baseball time! The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, the spilling of beer, the eventual shattering of dreams … GO CUBS!


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One Comment on “April Showers and All That”

  1. Art Says:

    one of the great things i love about march and baseball, it’s when i still have unrealistically high hopes about the cubs’ upcoming season. i can’t be wrong about us winning 162 games during the regular season and then sweeping our way through the playoffs defeating the cardinals, mets, and white sox to win the world series.

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