Snow Days

Know what I miss? Getting snow days. I mean, sure, occasionally the office will let you out early, say around 3 o’clock if it’ll affect the commute home, but, generally, we’re not getting an entire day off because of the snow.

At least I have a window. I get to WATCH the snow come down. I can enjoy the spectacle of cars sliding around, not trying to hit anything, and I can (un)fondly recall the days of yore when I would shovel the driveway again and again at my dad’s request in the constantly falling snow. I can reminisce about snow football games, sledding, and snowball fights, and tobogganing and all other kinds of fun things to do in the snow … but here I am at my desk. Dreaming about them.

It’s enough to make you want to be a teacher.


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3 Comments on “Snow Days”

  1. Katie Says:

    I think snow days were one of my most favorite things in school because I would always go through the motions of getting ready in the morning and then as soon as my school flashed on the bottom of the screen I would literally jump for joy and get back into comfy clothes.


    Man, I miss those days 🙂

  2. Amy Says:

    Snow days certainly are enough to make you want to be a teacher…in the suburbs. CPS hasn’t had a snow day in over 10 years and it’s probably been even more than that. We are open rain or shine, snow or ice, 4 degrees or -35 degrees. Half my class won’t show up to school but we still have a full day. My first year of teaching, I had hope. I would listen in for closings. I was disappointed every time. Now? I don’t even bother trying to find out if we have a snow day. If there’s snow or if it’s way below 0, I get up, get ready, and go. So, I think the key here is…teach in the suburbs (or a private school) and you’ll have all the snow days you want.

    • I think I read somewhere that this was only the third time NYC public schools have closed in 6 years. This just goes to show that Chicagoans are tougher than New Yorkers about weather. I mean, people were FREAKING OUT about this most recent “blizzard.” I was unimpressed. I did, however, love that I got out of work at 3 to “get an early jump on my commute.”

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