Enshrined Wearing the Wrong Hat

My childhood Cubs hero, Andre Dawson – The Hawk – was recently admitted to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Way to go HAWK!

Photo: AP

And while this is an incredible accomplishment and something that absolutely verifies that my childhood self was a baseball genius, the HoF has really put a damper on it for me. And it’s hard to bring me down about the Hawk.

My dad likes to tell me stories about how he’d be watching the Cubbies and I, in my little kid way, was running around doing some awesome and adventurous little kid thing, and I’d hear that Andre was batting. I’d stop what I was doing, run to the TV, stand right in front of it, watch his at bat, cheer (because he was awesome and never once recorded an out), then go back to adventuring.

Photo: AP

Andre requested that he go into the Hall as a Cub, but that request was denied. Instead, he’s being forced to enter as an Expo because, according to the committee that made this decision, the Expos were more influential to his career.

AN EXPO!?! Come on HoF! They’re not even a TEAM anymore, and their franchise is terrible! I mean, just compare the pictures! He looks majestic and excellent as a Cub, but sad, confused and scared as an Expo. AND their uniforms are just goofy looking. And Canadian. The proof is in the pictures. Andre should go in as a Cub!

For an even bigger issue: why NOT let the players choose what team they go into the Hall under? It’s their career, right? Shouldn’t they be able to choose? This is a free country, dammit! And baseball is our pastime!

Angrily, NYC

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6 Comments on “Enshrined Wearing the Wrong Hat”

  1. Corporate Kerouac Says:

    It looks as though this was affected by my childhood baseball hero.

    I found this on the Wikipedia page for the Baseball hall of fame (http://tinyurl.com/yg9bf4p) so I understand it isn’t the most reputable source. However, it does go along with some longstanding rumors that I had always heard.

    “In 2001, the Hall of Fame decided to change the policy on cap logo selection, as a result of rumors that some teams were offering compensation, such as number retirement, money, or organizational jobs, in exchange for the cap designation. (For example, though Wade Boggs denied the claims, some media reports had said that his contract with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays required him to request depiction in the Hall of Fame as a Devil Ray). The Hall decided that it would no longer defer to the inductee, though the player’s wishes would be considered, when deciding on the logo to appear on the plaque.”

  2. Art Says:

    when you don’t have a choice on what hat you’ll wear if you’re elected to the hall, it brings a whole new meaning to the word “corporate branding”

  3. charley Says:

    Nice post Angrily NYC!

    I agree all of my fondest memories of Andre are as a Cub and I think for majority of his fans that is true. I wasn’t disappointed that he will be wearing an Expos hat on his plaque because I was just thrilled he finally got the honor that was due. I was disappointed that the Hall didn’t respect Andre’s wishes. I think the Hall wanted to preserve Expos history, but Andre’s induction isn’t about the Expos, the Cubs or the Hall…it’s about Andre! If Chicago had the greatest impact on his career from his perspective than that is what should be reflected on his plaque.

    Andre Dawson for the Hall of Fame

    • Thanks for the comment, Charley.

      I, too, was thrilled that he finally got into the Hall, as he well deserves. I definitely think players should get to choose the hat they wear when enshrined, and I understand the other comment about the Hall deciding preventing what essentially amounts to bribes, but, dammit, it’s the Hawk and he should go in as a Cub. Sure the Expos brought him up, and sure he played more seasons with them, but he’s well remembered and well loved as a Cub and we Cubs fans need a win every now and again.

      Either way, congrats to the Hawk!

  4. Jan Says:

    I totally support your view, angry in NYC! However, Andre did occasionally record an out, but you cheered anyway, because you were just that kind of hero worshiper. We raised you right!

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