10-20% of kids are haley joel osment

So, turns out that the film “The Sixth Sense” should have been billed as a documentary rather than a thriller/mystery:

Up to 16 percent of mentally healthy children and teens may hear voices, the researchers note in the British Journal of Psychiatry. While hearing voices can signal a heightened risk of schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders in later life, they add, the “great majority” of young people who have these experiences never become mentally ill.

Most people think kids are lazy, mooching, yakamoles that never shut up about being hungry or bleeding from their head. I tend to agree. But, if there’s a percentage of children out there who have the ability to communicate with the dead with very few side effects (see: “schizophrenia”) then I think it’s time I open up a Tarot/Mind Reading/Voo-Doo shop and start havin’ me some kids. At the very least, even if they can’t make me rich beyond my wildest dreams by helping me tell customers that their deceased loved ones gave me the location to the remote control, then they can cure themselves by having chats with a bruce willis-type character who will help them to deal with their “sixth sense”.

I can’t wait to be a father.

-Springfield, IL

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