Well, Yeah.

I have two words in response to this news about Mark McGwire: NO KIDDING!

Sorry Big Mac, nobody believed that you could actually hit 600 ft. home runs without some extra help. I mean, you’re not Glenn Allen Hill.

In all honesty, though, I don’t care.

Here are two more words for you, Mark: Thank You.

The home run race in ’98 between McGuire and Sosa, in my mind, saved baseball. It brought back fans that had turned their backs on the game after the strike and re-made America’s pastime. As much as I hate to say it, steroids saved baseball. I mean, that season was incredibly fun to watch, and not just because I’m a Cubs fan.

And now that they have, I’m glad that the sport is cracking down on performance-enhancing drugs. Just so long as Pujols, Jeter, and Griffey never come out as steroids users, that might just kill me.


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2 Comments on “Well, Yeah.”

  1. Jan Says:

    i second all of those comments, right down to being a Cubs fan. The Sosa McGuire home run race was damned exciting-but won by the wrong guy of course.

  2. art mitchell Says:

    i would like to see someone win the all-time sacrifice bunt title. that would be amazing

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