Increments of Time

I thought we figured this all out when we went through the turn of the century, but apparently I was mistaken.

So let’s try this again, shall we?

You start counting with the # 1, not # 0. A decade lasts 10 years, the year is 2009, thus this is not the end of the decade.

Does everyone follow this time?

Alright, we’ll go over this again in another 10 years…

-Corporate Kerouac

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8 Comments on “Increments of Time”

  1. Sue Driscoll Says:

    That’s my boy!!!

  2. B. Says:

    You DO start counting at zero. Because the year 2000 ended in a zero. (as did the year 1990, 1980 etc. it’s been going on for quite some time, you should look it up)

    2000-2001 = 1 year
    ’01-’02 = 2 years
    ’02-’03 = 3 years
    ’03-’04 = 4 years
    ’04-’05 = 5 years
    ’05-’06 = 6 years
    ’06-’07 = 7 years
    ’07-’08 = 8 years
    ’08-’09 = 9 years
    2009-2010 = 10 years

    10 years = 1 decade

    It’s the end of the decade, buddy. Cute post though.

    • neroisgod Says:

      It has been going on for a long time, and it’s been wrong for a long time.

      and I would put it as:

      2001-2002 = 1 year
      2002-2003 = 2 years

      2010-2011 = 11 years.

      You start counting with 1. I understand the confusion because of the 0 at the end of the number, I’m saying that number represents 10.


      • B. Says:

        I think what you are confused about is what the “end of the decade” is referring to.

        Technically a decade is any period of 10 years. If you wanted to, you could consider 1986-1996 a “decade”. Common vernacular, however, blocks decades into groups ie: the 80’s, the 90’s etc.

        The decade the just ended was referred to as the 2000’s or the 00’s. Just as 1990-1999 was referred to as a decade, so too 2000-2009 is its own decade.

        Your argument holds up basically only in the very first decade, years 1-9, since there was no Year Zero.

        When you say:

        2001-2002 = 1 year
        2002-2003 = 2 years

        2010-2011 = 11 years.

        It makes no sense because you are basically implying the there was no time in between 2000 and 2001. Where did that year go? Which decade was the 365 days inbetween Jan 1, 2000 and 2001? Are you trying to but 2000 in the 90’s? Was 1990 part of the 80’s also?

  3. neroisgod Says:

    I am saying that 2000 was part of the 90’s, and that 1990 was part of the 80’s.


  4. B. Says:

    Do you also think that February 1st is part of January?

  5. neroisgod Says:

    That’s a different increment of time. January is a month with 31 days, starting with 1 and ending with 31.


  6. art mitchell Says:

    i think the confusion started with people thinking that the 21st century started in 2000, when it really started in 2001. right?

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