i don’t know why this makes me angry

Apparently, LG has come out with a new version of “the world’s thinnest LCD screen”…..at only 2.6 mm thick. HOW?! WHY?! Is the world a better place because LG has released a thinner LCD screen? No, scratch that- is my television viewing experience going to be much better because LG released a thinner LCD screen? To both of those questions, the answer is: ‘I highly doubt it’. Why are we so fascinated with the extreme? “The world’s thinnest”, “The world’s largest”, “The world’s smoothest”- it’s not like these “world records” are held long enough to be put in the Guinness Book- they hang around for maybe six months before some other company tries to outdo them. Oh, and of course, this will be SUPER expensive; SONY’s slightly thicker OLED screen comes in at a whopping 3 mm- costs over $1,700 for an 11-inch screen. HA! For the average consumer, I think we’re willing to sacrifice thickness for price. I guess that’s why we Americans love McDonald’s so damn much…

Anyway, what’s the point of improving consumer technology, if there is no clear or apparent benefit to the consumer and it’s too expensive for the average consumer anyway? It’s like they’re taunting me!

When I see the photo of the screen in question, I imagine an LG representative saying to me: “Hey you- stupid, this product will be in your dreams. You will bust your ass at work, you will neglect basic amenities, just to save your pitiful pennies to get within arm’s reach of putting this baby on lay away. You hope that a couple of these bad boys can ‘fall off the truck’ and you can pick it up at wholesale price from a shady guy who sounds like he’s on that Jersey Shore show you’ve been hearing so much about. And when you finally get the TV that’s thinner than a ‘So You’re Considering Bankruptcy’ pamphlet- on which you will still not be able to watch cable- we’ll come out with another “world’s thinnest screen” that will be as thin as a human hair and will cause you to sell your car, your teeth, and your soul in order to acquire, only to wrap it around your shaking limbs as you freeze to death in your new home under the bridge right out side of town.”

I hate this product.

-Springfield, IL



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3 Comments on “i don’t know why this makes me angry”

  1. San Francisco Phil Says:

    You do realize that if everyone took this attitude, our consumer products would never improve. Every new version of something is ridiculously expensive, until their next new version, then it will drop in price for the average person. It’s been this way forever. This marked the switch from radio to TV, to color TV, to flat screen TVs, to widescreen TVs, to flat panel TVs, to hi-def TVs. In computers as well, every new version is godly expensive, but it’s in the name of advancement. This is just the next step. Just like in nature, technological evolution happens in tiny steps, not giant leaps. Thinner screens equal less weight, meaning more ease in adjusting the placement of the TV. It will also lead to possibly flexible TV screens, which mean more options in use. It goes on and on.

    In conclusion, you’re dumb. But I still love you.

    • art mitchell Says:

      you do realize that many of the materials used in creating some of the technologies that are rolled out at what seems to be a rapid pace come from areas in which the worker could never ever afford it. at least when technologies were produced in the U.S. and only the very rich could afford it (like the television), in a matter of few years when the price came down, the workers could actually go out an buy one. today, the mining, the assembly, the processing- nearly all aspects of these technologies are produced in places of abject poverty.

      and with our pupils fixated on the newest and “thinnest” television set, our thoughts are averted away from some of the larger pressing issues facing humanity, let alone the recession-strapped United States.

      in conclusion, you’re heartless. and you KNOW i love you.

      • San Francisco Phil Says:

        Way to move the goalposts, bleeding-heart. Capitalism is the way of America. Love it or leave it, comrade.

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