Letter to Cutler, Letter to Lovie

Dear Jay Cutler,

Look, man. You’re a talented guy. You’ve got a rocket for an arm and you can save plays with your legs. You’re a franchise quarterback. I know the Bears don’t have the greatest receiver core out there, but you’ve got some talent to work with you.

Now, our season is over. We’re not making the playoffs. But there’s a way to salvage the season. You know what this team needs, Jay? A leader. The coaches sure aren’t filling that role. Here’s what I propose to you: get that confidence back, take some responsibility for this season and lead this team back to their dignity and desire to play. I saw a glimpse of the Old Bears out there against the Pack on Sunday. The talent is there. The desire is there. Someone just needs to lead. You’re that someone.

Get out there and be the quarterback we want you to be.

Concerned Fan

Dear Lovie Smith,

Congratulations on taking a proud franchise and giving its fans the worst team in recent memory. If this was a rebuilding year, I’d understand. But we got ourselves a franchise quarterback!! It’s a shame that your inability to lead the team, call defensive plays, and surround yourself with a coaching staff that knows AT ALL what they’re doing has caused us the be the worst 5-win team in football.

Cutler’s confidence is shot, our offense is abysmal, the defense couldn’t stop my grandmother on third down, and everyone just seems to play so … uninspired.  Stupid penalties and a complete lack of urgency come are a result of bad coaching and poor leadership. And don’t even get me started on your clock management.

You need to be fired.

Pissed Off Bears Fan.


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