Mustachioed Bliss

Every year my friends and I participate in a charity. It’s like your normal donation-based charity, where people run a marathon, say, and you give money to whatever cause is being sponsored by the run.

Except we grow mustaches. For kids.

That’s right. Mustaches for Kids (NY Chapter) is actually a real-life charity, and the money goes to under-funded public school classrooms through an organization called Donors Choose that hooks up donors with classrooms that need funding. This year we raised over $83,000, just by growing mustaches!

The problem I run into is that my stache is shockingly blond. So blond, in fact, that if you stand farther than 5 feet away from me, it completely disappears from my face –  unless the lighting is just right. And even then it’s hard to spot. So I never get past the first round of the annual mustache competition that’s held in honor of the money we’ve raised.

And the second round is the Haiku round.

Each grower writes a haiku about their mustache in the hopes of being able to read it in front of the (surprisingly large) crowd. But I never do.

So, in honor of my mustache (this year named Helga), here’s my haiku:

Flesh-toned mustaches
Gloriously full up-close
Disappear when far


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