Seemingly unanswerable questions that at first appear daunting,but with rigorous thought and even some research you can derive an answer

***Every now and then, NY, NY and I will post an seemingly unanswerable question…and then answer it. Below is today’s.***

Which ability would you rather posess: to turn water into money or to turn money into water?

Let’s get some specifics out of the way: you can turn any amount of water to a comparable volume of money in any demonination and currency type; conversely you can turn any amount of money into clean, drinkable water.

Now, if you were to answer “turn water into money” you are a capitalist, but you are practical. You know that money have great value in our society that which you can invest to get MORE water (or money). Of course, on the the other hand you are willing to turn the greatest resource on our planet into something as stupid as money.

If you answered “turn money into water” you are socialist, but you are compassionate. You know that water is rapidly becoming a scarce resource and that money doesn’t flow as water does to those who need it most (nor does water). Of course on the other palm, if you had money to turn into water for some poor people, just give them the money and they could best invest it themselves- like investing it in something useful like Coca-Cola.

If you refuse to answer the question based on its contrived premise, you are a jerk, because even when your good friend is trying to start a conversation on a long car ride and all you want to talk about is how the newest season of The Office is probably the best since Season 3 and not for one second delve into a philosophical conversation about the perils of modern economies and oh-my-god we still have 45 miles to go why are we still talking about Pam and Jim for the love of god they are not real people and since when is The Office a soap-opera drama centered around the lives of moderately attractive people who work in a random office building in a city that no one in their right mind would move to even with a shotgun pressed against their back and everyone knows that the British version of The Office was better and not because of the swearing and searing sexual innuendo but because British accents are funny and this is the last time I’m driving you to get your car from a tow center you better believe when a sign says ‘no parking after 9am’ that they’re not kidding.

-Springfield, IL

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