A Letter to Virginia McCaskey

Hey Ginny,

Can I call you Ginny, Virginia? You know what? I don’t really feel like I need your permission for this after watching the “game” against the Bengals yesterday.

The Bears – your team. your FATHER’S team. Papa Bear! The winningest franchise in football! THE MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY – looked absolutely atrocious this week. Pitiful, even. Sure, the Bengals have a good record, but there’s no excuse for the beating we took.

Hell, WE have a good team. Or at least a talented team. We went out and got John Elway’s second coming, for crissake! Jay Cutler, the man with a cannon for an arm. We traded away Kyle Orton, the magically lucky qb who can’t seem to lose, to improve the team. But here we are with a typical (unfortunately) Bears season: .500 with hopes of winning the division quickly slipping away.

Not being an NFL front office decision maker, I’m not entirely positive what causes a coach (head or otherwise) to lose their job, but I have to think that completely inept play calling and being trounced by mediocre teams should be on the list.

You’d think that getting a golden-armed quarterback with a proven history of winning with his arm and feet would cause Ron Turner to maybe take another look at his playbook and, you know, CHANGE IT TO FIT THE NEW TALENT!?! Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to hire him as the Offensive Coordinator anyway?! The man destroyed the University of Illinois football team as head coach. Who said, “You know what? Let’s add that failure to the Bears!”?!

And Lovie is apparently a defensive play calling moron that can’t adapt to changing personnel. Note to Lovie: sometimes the cover 2 is NOT the perfect defense. Case in point: last week. Without Urlacher the defense lacks great leadership and cohesiveness. That needs to change.

Basically, Ginny, something needs to change. We’re playing the Browns next week and I like to think that we can win, but you know what? After Cutler’s 3 pics and 2 fumbles (on SNAPS! And here I thought we got rid of Rex Grossman), I’m not overly confident about anything anymore.

Maybe we need to rethink the coaching staff…

And by maybe, I mean definitely.

Oh. And it would be helpful if maybe we spent some money and filled some holes in key areas of our game: O-line, defensive backs, receiver, etc.

And here are some things I’d maybe like to see sometime this season: A pass rush, a successful running game, plays that cater to the fact that we have a premier quarterback, some backbone.

The only spots that are really solid right now are place kicker in Robbie Gould and punter in Brad Maynard (our offensive mvp so far … AGAIN).

<sighs> Come on, Ginny. Let’s try and get the Bears back to where we should be: in playoff contention every season.


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