sports memories

Whenever the Bears lose a game, I cannot check the sports websites for anything at all. I just can’t take it. I can’t stand to see the “Bears Lose To ______” headlines. After the most recent loss against the Falcons (who are slowly becoming the most hated football team other than the Packers), I can’t even visit news websites like The New York Times or CNN. This is bordering on the ubsurd. If things keep progressing this way, sooner or later, I won’t be able to look at a clock, do mental math or say the word Chicago.

As you may know, when the Bears play, I really get into the games. I grunt and hoot with every hit; I shout and bark with every play. Maybe this is becoming a bigger deal in my life than it should. I had to call in sick to work on Monday- the day after the Bears game. My 18-hour sickness and the Bears loss may be related, maybe not, but the fact that I’m not sure kind of worries me.

I think my devotion to this year’s team is directly related to two people. Now, I know what you’re thinking- Milton Bradley and Jay Cutler. And those wouldn’t be bad guesses. However, it wouldn’t be worth reading these words, if they were so predictable. Try again. Give up? Good. Those two people are “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and Sid Luckman. Ha! Bet you didn’t see those two names comin’, did ya?

Anyway, my devotion to this year’s team is related to these two fine Chicago athletes, is because they both a) gave all they had to the team they loved and b) are remembered for the most asinine of reasons. “Shoeless” Joe is remembered for being a cheat, although evidence suggests otherwise. Sid Luckman is remembered for being the best quarterback in Chicago Bears history, despite all of his accomplishments coming before the West Coast offense, regularly televised football games and nearly half of the NFL’s history.

“Shoeless” Joe died disgraced- being one of the greatest players of his era and not being elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. If Sid Luckman were alive today, he’d be downright shocked at how many great Bears quarterbacks have graced the gridiron in Chicago (hint: ZERO). Would “Shoeless” Joe be shocked that the Chicago Cubs be World Series-less since his death, let alone his playing days? Would Sid Luckman be proud that we traded our quarterback to another team to get another quarterback, only to see our former quarterback lead a 6-0 team while ours flounders with a 3-2 team?  I think they’d be a bit confused at the kind of legacies their names have left since they’ve passed to the otherside. “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, will always and forever in my heart be Ray Liotta and Sid Luckman will (probably) always and forever be the greatest Chicago Bears quarterback never seen (at least live, anyway).

What will I be remembered for? Will I be remembered?

Will I be remembered years from now as a loving husband, father, and grandfather who served his community and helped strangers? Or will I be remembered as the guy who died of a brain aneurysm because the Bears couldn’t convert on THREE FREAKIN’ RED ZONE OPPORTUNTIES?! HONESTLY! AND WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH ORLANDO PACE- ARGUABLY THE GREATEST OFFENSIVE LINEMAN IN THE MODERN ERA- COMMITTING A FALSE START PENALTY ON 4TH AND FREAKIN’ ONE?! WHY DOES RON TURNER INSIST ON USING A MAGIC 8-BALL TO CALL HIS PLAYS?! COME ON! AAAARGGH!

-Springfield, IL

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