some stuff you just can’t make up

“They later became famously estranged. But early in Rod Blagojevich’s tenure as governor, no one took him as many requests for state jobs and promotions as his father-in-law, Chicago Ald. Richard Mell, records kept by Blagojevich’s Office of Intergovernmental Affairs show. Here’s a sampling of politicians who sought jobs from Blagojevich. The Chicago Sun-Times sought comment from all of the politicians listed below:”


U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush

Jobs sought: 23

Jobs landed: 6

Rush says: “I don’t know who came up with the list, but it’s not factual. Some of those names, I don’t know. None of those names are names I recommended, even my son. He used his own juice to get a job.”

On his list:

* His son Jeffrey Rush, who got a state prison job in April 2003. He later was fired and found guilty of having sex with female inmates. Blagojevich hired Jeffrey Rush after Jeffrey Rush worked on Blagojevich’s campaign, the congressman said.

I’d like to get a job to use my juice…

-Springfield, IL

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