Awkward Steps

Here’s the situation:

You arrive at a bank of elevators and see that a door is waiting open for you, so you walk towards it – turns out, though, that there are people in the elevator already.

Just as you walk pass through the threshold, the doors are closing. Except instead of closing, you’re in the way and the doors bounce back open. The people have obviously been waiting on the elevator long enough for the doors to close and start their long-waited ascent, and you’ve ruined it. To make matters worse, you reset the door clock and even more people come strolling into the elevator all smiley and happy because they were fortunate enough to not have to wait for an elevator today.

Now the original elevator folks start to glare more and more angrily at you while you can do nothing more than stand there sheepishly, silently apologizing that you didn’t know the doors would be closing as you walked through.

You ruined their elevator ride. And they’re glaring at you. If you’re fortunate enough, like I am, to have mirrored elevator doors, there’s nowhere to hide.



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