Two Minutes to Save the World?

Walking to the train today I passed two pairs of Green Peace volunteers on the street trying to get random folks to spare a few minutes to save the planet.

The pairs were located not two blocks away, only separated by the time it took me to round a corner. Basically, they saw the same foot traffic – some walking to the train, some walking away.

The first group was two youngish guys … but nobody was talking to them – people just brushed right past them.

The second (or first, depending on your walking direction) pair was two cute girls. BIG surprise here: they had all kinds of guys talking to them. Same message, same delivery, same Green Peace tee shirts and clipboards.

Are we men really just that weak? Will we really use any excuse to talk to a cute girl on the street? Or would the situation be reversed in Chelsea? What if the two male volunteers wore expensive custom suits? OOO I know! Have them leaning against a shiny new sports car, oozing wealth. Would women be talking to them?

Or you know what? Maybe people just don’t have two minutes to save the world. Sorry, Green Peace, people are too busy trying to keep food on the table.


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