Public (un)Safety Announcement

I heard an MTA announcement today on the subway that said, “Keep your money in your sights at all times.” That’s verbatim, people.

And, I guess the real message here would be something along these lines:

“Know where your money is at all times” or

“Be cognizant of your wallet’s/purse’s location at all times” or

“Occasionally discreetly check for your wallet” or

“Don’t let people steal your shit” or

“If you check for your wallet, people will likely target you as a tourist, thus rendering this whole wallet-checking exercise pretty useless.”

Certainly the writer of this PSA should have realized that if my money is always in MY sights, it’s most definitely also in the sights of the very thieves i’m trying to protect it from? You’d think with all the out-of-work white collar folks milling about New York, the MTA could hire someone with writing ability to keep the public safe via announcements. But hey, cuts happen everywhere.

And besides, we can pick out tourists without them anxiously checking their fanny packs every few minutes.


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