brett favre jumped the shark when he appeared in “there’s something about mary”

brett favre is lame. i firmly believe this. of course, this is quite a biased interpretation his recent career decisions, since, as a bears fan, i’m used to him dismantling my heart and soul during humiliating encounters when he was a member of the green bay packers. that aside, you must agree with me that brett favre should never be lauded again for any of his sports accomplishments. ever.

of course, there have been sports icons (or just good players) who have ditched their current franchise because they felt jilted or booted. brett favre didn’t exactly do that. he f*cked with the emotions of green bay packers fans, played for the new york jets (the JETS of all teams) and meandered his way back to the 2nd biggest rival the packers have. the only reason brett favre went to play for the jets is because he couldn’t play for the vikings right away. brett favre would play for the bears (if we’d accept him) just to really stick it to the packers. talk about twisted.

what’s his beef anyway? for the whole of his career- even through his bout of pain pill addiction- he has been epitomized as the hard-nosed, rough-and-tumble, happy-go-lucky quarterback who simply loves the game. he brought a super bowl championship to a team who hadn’t won one in nearly 30 years and elevated the expectations and blood pressure of packers fans and bears fans respectively. and he wanted to retire. he was given a farewell tour, the roses and red carpet treatment and then he changed his mind. as an adult, there are some things you can’t just change your mind about without upsetting some people. you always have the right to change your mind, but don’t expect that the world will just stop for you and accommodate your needs. what a whiny baby!

the guy who will be associated with playing on “the frozen tundra” in front of fans who OWN the team, is now playing for one of their most hated rivals, in a DOME, that will soon be replaced by the TARGET center. what the what?!

just because he’s got “some left in him” doesn’t mean he has to USE it. michael strahan could probably put his pads on and play in a game TODAY, and he retired a few years ago. actually, since we’re on the subject of michael strahan, what was up with that sack he put on brett favre to set the record? that was a bunch of b.s. it looks like brett favre took a dive and fell into strahan’s arms (see #1 on his top 10 plays). and then he got up and whooped and hollered like he nailed the guy. that is THE lamest sack of his career and he plays it up like he really earned it. i liked and respected michael strahan until that point. now i simply respect him.

brett favre on the other hand, i never liked him. as a bears fan, you can understand why i don’t like him. but i respected him. he was the greatest quarterback of the 90s and has the strongest arm in nfl history (yes, stronger than marino and elway). but after his pity party, i don’t know if i respect him anymore. if he REALLY REALLY wanted to play football, don’t you think he’d be willing to fight it out in green bay for the quarterback spot against aaron rodgers? if it was REALLY about playing football, don’t you think he’d stay un-retired and keep playing football in new york city? if it was REALLY for the love of the game, don’t you think he would be mindful of the fans who had cheered him on in green bay throughout 99% of his career? well, it’s not about any of those- it never has been. it’s been about him and him alone and that is why i don’t respect brett favre anymore.

-Springfield, IL

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