9 to 4:55ish

Office politics always gets me. 

There are some people who go out of their way to be mean, just so that they don’t have to get the meanness back. They probably think, “If I am the biggest dick, then no one can be a bigger dick than me”. Which is true. 

Of course you have the people who only look like they’re working hard, but really slack off and surf the internet all day; volunteer for work and then don’t do anything and take all the credit for projects when they didn’t lift a finger. They probably think, “If I look like I’m working hard, that’s all I need to do, because none of my bosses or superiors can watch all day every day”. Which is true. 

And then you have the people who always cause conflict with their co-workers. Whether it’s generated from spite, jealousy, or aversion to calm, these people do nothing but cause trouble. They probably think “I’m sick of all these lazy assholes interrupting my youtube time and trying to make me look bad in meetings.” And I am.

Springfield, IL

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