Wednesdays are the worst days of the week. Nobody likes Wednesdays. For one, the word is too long and sometimes difficult to spell. If it wasn’t for “Hooked on Phonics”, I’d probably spell it “Wensdays”. Which looks like a ye-olde type spelling. I bet they burned witches on those days. Called ‘em ”Wensday Witch Byrning Dayse”.

Also, it’s in the middle of the damn week. You are far away from the freedom of Friday night as you are from Monday- the day when you’re given a fresh start to the week. It’s like you’re at the mountaintop of the work week and you’re out of oxygen.

If Wednesday was a person, it would be your broad-shouldered boss posing with their hands on their hips berating you in front of your co-workers during the weekly meeting. Again.

Worst of all, when Wednesday is over, you still have to deal with Thursday- the neglected middle-child of the week. Because, honestly, nobody has a reason to think about Thursday more than they would any other weekday: Monday- “fresh start” or with the Garfield stance, “I hate Mondays”; Tuesday- “at least Monday’s over”; Wednesday- “PURE EVIL”; Thursday- “Huh? Thursday? At least it’s almost Friday” and; Friday- “Thank GOD it’s Friday” or “TGIF”.

No one says “TGIW”. It looks ugly and it doesn’t make any sense. A better acronym could be “BMW”, which can stand for “Boo! Muthaf*ckin’ Wednesdays!”

Wednesdays Suck.

– Springfield, IL

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